Keynote Speaker

Prof. Dr. Alfred Taudes
Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria


Prof. Dr. Alfred Taudes has undertaken research in the interface of Operations and Supply Chain Management, Marketing Engineering and Knowledge Management. He has published more than 150 articles, among ohters in international top journals like Mangement Science,  European Journal of Operational Research, International Journal of Production Economics, Marketing Science and MIS Quarterly.
His actual research interests are on the impact of Digitalization on Operations Management and on Cryptoeconomics, where he heads a WU Research Institute on this topic and acts as overall scientific lead in the Austrian Blockchain Center

Prof. Dr. Alfred Taudes holds a doctoral degree in Business Administration from WU Vienna,  a Magister Degree in Management Information Systems from Vienna University and a PhD (Habilitation) from WU Vienna in both fields. After assistant professorships at WU in the areas Operations Research and Applied Informatics he was visting professor at Universities Augsburg, Münster, Essen and Tsukuba, Japan and joined WU in 1993. There he coordinated large scale research projects such as WWTF-​project "Integrated Demand and Supply Chain Management" and the Special Research Area Adaptive Models in Economics and Management Science. His teaching includes an undergraduate course in Operations Strategy and an IT seminar on the master level.

Speech Title: Cryptoeconomics as a tool for shaping information system user behaviour

Traditionally, a vendor of an information system can use legal provisions and checks in the software to prevent users from harmful usage and employ nudges to incentivise desired behavior. In a blockchain network the dichotomy between IS vendor and user is eliminated and the control of user behavior has to be achieved via proper token design. 
Cryptoeconomics combines game theory and mechanism design with cryptography to set the right incentives for the participants of a peer-to-peer network. In the presentation we give an introduction to the basic ideas of Cryptoeconomics and show how they are utilized in the design of the Bitcoin network, utility tokens, DeFi and purpose-driven  tokens.


Prof. Dr. Martin KOZEK
TU Wien, Austria

Martin Kozek received the M.S. degree in mechanical engineering, the Ph.D. degree, and the Habilitation from the Vienna University of Technology, Vienna, Austria, in 1994, 2000, and 2009, respectively.,He is currently a Professor with the Institute of Mechanics and Mechatronics, Vienna University of Technology.

Core research areas: modeling of linear and nonlinear systems; System identification; Artificial neural networks, optimization of systems and processes: method development followed by application.Optimization of processes, active vibration damping, Robust Control, Model Predictive Control (MPC)Advanced Process Control: Control and optimization of energy systems, modeling and control of patient models;